Latest News | June 25th, 2020

News update - Thursday 25th June 2020

Project update

This was an exciting week as the Contractor for the project, Comprojecto contintued the clearing works.  The garden is a major part of the task and we were amazed when all of the existing growth had been removed just how enormous the garden is!  It is hard to overstate how exceptional this is in the Centre of Cascais and it is going to be real lifestyle asset to the new owners of the homes.

Indoors, the painstaking task of numbering and removing all of the lintels and doorframes to be cleaned and placed carefully in storage for re-instating later in the project when the frame of the building is complete.  Also indoors, the restorers are working hard to carefully remove each and every individual tile that will also be painstakingly cleaned and restored.

The beautiful main gate was also removed and sent off to the ironmonger for restoration.  It will be cleaned down, re-galvanised and freshly painted waiting to be re-installed towards the completion of the project.

Things are going to look alot worse before they get better!

Aoife and all the Palacte Afonso Sanches team.







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