Latest News | June 19th, 2020

News Update 19th June 2020

After a two year process to get the project fully designed and planning permission through Camara Municipal de Cascais, we are thrilled the Main Contractor, Comprojecto has moved on to site to start the process of preparing the building and the site for the construction works.  It has been a huge team effort led by our project managers Verde Oeste, our Architect Mariana Barbos (BM Architecture) and the landscaping and engineering teams of Baldios and many others to get to this point and we are incredibly proud and excited to finally see a start being made to this fabulous development!

The Project will take around 15 months to complete and broadly follows this plan

1. Initially, all of the features that have to be preserved - granite door and window lintels and frames, antique tiles and important stones or small features will be carefully removed and sent for restoration and then storage until they are required.

During this time, the structure underpinning the front facade of the building which is going to be retained in its original form will be designed.

2. Around the end of July 2020 , the structure underpinnng the facade will be installed and only then can works take place to remove the rear of the building - .  although the house dates back to the seventeenth century, many changes have been made of no architectural significance.  In the interests of significantly upgrading the new building to an A-rated energy efficiency it was deemed essential to work with new, modern materials that would support insulation as well as providing all of the services a new luxury home requires.

3. Once the rear of the building has been demolished, new foundations for the structure will be installed and construction will actually start.

4. Once the building has reached roof height, the works will start in the garden to dig the foundations and structure for the underground garage and above it the base structure for the pool and garden layout.

5. Once the roof is on the building, the sub-contractors will move onsite to start the preliminary installation works of water, waste, heat, electricity, airconditioning and other electrical services such as security systems and communications services for tv and broadband.

6. Then some of the antique features will be installed as designated by the architect along with walls being plastered and finally the really exciting works of the finishings can start, bringing the homes to life.

7. Around September 2021, if all goes according to plan, the new owners should be able to start doing a final snag list for the property with a view to taking ownership and moving in to enjoy all their new homes and Cascais offer.

I hope you stay with us on this journey as this superb project gets underway!

Aoife, Project Manager, Fascinio Vintage.


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