Latest News | September 27th, 2021

News update 27th September 2021

Last week saw work on site ramp up with all of the essential trades on site.  The last stage of finishing the garage was started with the foundations and structural supports being poured and the drainage works to connect the mains drainage set out.

Inside the building, work continues on all floors - underfloor heating circuits have been completed in Casa Mariana and are half complete in Casa Amelia.  The next stage here will see the final layer of screed being laid before a final thin finishing layer of concrete leaves the floor prepared for the wood flooring.

Plastering of Casa Mariana is finished and has been started in Casa Amelia and the elevator platform and doors are being fitted in Casa Amelia.  Electrical and plumbing works continue in Casa Carlota and Casa Luisa and the granite lintels that are being re-used from the original building are being fitted on window and door frames.  In all four homes the framework for the large sliding doors on the terraces is underway in preparation for the doors which will arrive early November.  The original wrought iron balustrades for the windows and french doors on the facade have been restored and refitted and later this week the new double glazed windows and french doors will be delivered to site ready to install.



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