Latest News | May 3rd, 2021

News update 3rd May 2021

Inside the building, with the roof now poured the building struture is complete and the contractor has removed most of the concrete formwork support struts on the ground and first floor, allowing them to proceed with marking out the locations of walls and services.  The stone restorers were in repairing the stone lintels and archetraves that are being retained from the original building in preparation for fitting the new windows / french doors.  Offsite, works are ongoing in repairing and replacing the wrought ironworks for the Juliet balconies and the gate to the courtyard entrance on Rua Afonso Sanches as well as the original tiled frescoes that will be replaced in the new building on completion.

Outside, work is progressing on the roof of the garage / foundations for the pool, where we expect the slab to poured this week. Some ongoing archaelogical excavations are taking place at the very end of the garden - sadly no hidden treasure has been found but every care is being taken to ensure that any artifacts found are preserved and assessed by the Heritage department of Camara Muncipal de Cascais.


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