Latest News | October 9th, 2020

News update 9th October 2020

Project progress

It has been a busy period since our last update although for most of it, not much looked like it was happening.  During August the contractor Comprojecto moved onto site and started the painstaking job of removing tiles and other original features that needed to be restored to be returned to the new building.  When that was completed, the site was prepared for the works - scaffolding was erected, the rear wall was demolished and site offices put in place. On the building, the structural steel underpinning to support the facade was installed and the mesh and concrete to further support the front wall was fixed to the wall.  Finally the building was ready to be demolished and last week in the space of a hours, the building was razed to the ground.

A considerable amount of rubble and debris now has to be removed over the next week or ten days.  Some final tests will be done on the soil under the building and then finally, the foundations can be marked out and work will commence on building this fabulous property.

Keep following progress on this blog and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Main Contractor: Comprojecto

Project Management : Verde Oeste

Architect:  BM Architecture

Sales Agent : Martina Lennon Properties (MAP Cascais)



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